One Direction to Launch a New Makeup Line for Fans

Remember when the lads of One Direction crooned, “Don’t need makeup/To cover up/Being the way that you are is enough.” Well, JK! It turns out they think you actually do need a little help…

The boys are launching their own line of beauty products so that their fans can think about them when they’re puckering up to hide their insecurities every morning (awww).

MUA has teamed up with the guys for the cosmetics line that features scented lip glosses (Harry loves Strawberry, Zayn loves Watermelon, Louis loves Vanilla, Niall loves Cherry, Liam loves Blueberry), “Kiss You” lipstick collection, cheek tints, and nail polish. 



Will you be running to the drugstore (ugh) to get your pretty little hands on these products when they come out, or would rather be caught wearing Designer Imposters perfume over this?

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  1. Crystal Said:

    I’d get them! And I’m 20!

  2. smosh-just a fan -_- Said:

    After THIS, I won t ever ever ever EVER believe that they are not gay… IT IS NOT AND INSULT, just saying…

  3. smosh-just a fan -_- Said:

    it is not AN insult -____-

  4. elliedeejay Said:

    I love 1D but honestly, I don’t think I’m obsessed enough to buy their beauty products. Like if I ever met them (unlikely but a girl can dream!), I don’t think I’d want to be like “oh yeah I’m wearing your lipstick wanna give it a taste?” ew

  5. yasmin Said:

    wtf not cool

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