One Direction on Taylor Swift’s VMA Diss: She’s Lame!

The boys of One Direction are coming to the defense of band-mate Harry Styles after his ex Taylor Swift famously sniped “Shut the f*ck up!” when the fellows were on stage to present an award at the VMAs this weekend.


“We were a bit confused,” Louis Tomlinson said diplomatically. “We thought she was actually calling out Niall [Horan] so the whole thing’s a bit confusing.”

Boys, she was probably calling out all of you. We all know that after a breakup, girls are bound to hate not only our ex, but his BFFs who probably urged him to go back to being single.

louis tomlinson niall horan


Liam Payne also piped up about her thanking a certain someone for inspiring her song “I Knew You Were Trouble,” saying, “I just thought it was a bit not needed. I mean, you just won an award, it’s like, concentrate on yourself!” And when the reporter asked if Tay’s taunt was “lame,” Payne agreed, saying, “Yeah.”

Only Tay and Harry know what went on behind closed tour bus doors, darlings, but whatever caused this break up, T is clearly not over it. But then again, if she moved on from her failed romances in a snap, she probably wouldn’t be such a stellar songwriter.

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Where do you stand on T vs 1D? Could she have been staying STFU to Selena instead? Or are Liam and Louis right: Taylor needs half as much sass and twice as much class?


  1. BB-Dakota Said:

    I’m not trying to defend anyone, i both love TSwift and the 1D, but you can clearly see her lips saying “sorry for my arm” to Selena because her arm was bothering her back.

  2. Benoets Said:

    Then why didn’t Selena say something back she rolled her eyes so clearly TSwift sai STFU! just saying

  3. A Said:

    She says sorry for my arm. Why would she say that to sel and not he should shut the fuck up? + she removes her arm. This is just wanting to have drama when it’s not needed

  4. Maggie Said:

    Gossip girl it seems like you’re not that powerful!! First were not sure if taylor said this and To the boys and then she wrote the song I Knew You Were Trouble for John Mayer, stop seing Harry everywhere omg!!

  5. Dave Walton Said:

    I agree with BB, you can clearly see she mouthed those words (sorry for my arm), who’s the trouble causer??

  6. LP Said:

    You can clearly see her say “shut the f up.” You can tell by her facial expressions and Selena’s smirk. Whatever happened behind closed doors is between them and she doesn’t need to drag the entire world into it. Her quip about Harry in her acceptance speech was the furthest thing from classy and she should think before speaking because she sounded really bitchy. I feel like she is the next Gwyneth Paltrow. Everyone either loves her or hates her and she acts really pretentious.

  7. İrem Said:

    I watched the gif like 1000 times but still couldn’t understand how could you get the “STFU” she clearly said sorry for my arm

  8. olivia Said:

    why would taylor swift say sorry for her arm LOL who says that

  9. Emily Said:

    ive never liked taylor i think she is a self absorbed artistic snob im on side 1 d for sure

  10. kt Said:

    you realize that I Knew You Were Trouble came out BEFORE she even dated Harry? It wasn’t directed at him, as the song wasn’t written for him. plus, I’m pretty sure that if she did say stfu, it was because Selena said something teasing about Harry. I’ve teased my friends over their exs before and the most common response was stfu and also dragging the whole world into it? the camera cut to her when she was saying it to herself or selena. the world is the one intruding. (I’m a 1D fan btw)

  11. C xx Said:

    I don’t want to be mean with the swifters but if she was really saying “sorry for my arm” i don’t think Selena will have this reaction..And when u look Taylor’s face,i don’t think that people are doing this face when they say “sorry for my arm”,u’re doing this face when for example when you are saying STFU (sorry i’m french so i don’t speak english very well…)

  12. T,J, Said:

    Only a dumbass would believe Taylor said “Sorry for my arm.”

  13. K.H Said:

    I have said it enough times to know that that was definitely STFU. Plus Selena’s reaction says it all. Taylor is a snot and just so you know she ADMITTED I knew you were trouble was about Harry. The tattoo on the guy in the video is the same one he got when they were together. ALSO, Harry and Taylor dated, broke up (which is when she penned IKYWT)got back together, only to break up months later. Do your research before posting in the comments please and thanks. XOXO

  14. Jess Said:

    First of all you can clearly see she is saying shut the fuck up not sorry for my arm… if you can read lips you can clearly see the difference. I don’t know how you get “sorry for my arm” out of it. Second of all they secretly dated before red came out and then tried again and it became public the second time. I knew you were trouble is about Harry. Who would she even be talking about in her acceptance speech that would be there? clearly Harry because he was there. Use your brains people

  15. Kent Said:

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  16. Ari Said:

    Okay first off why is everyone attacking Taylor? Who cares why she said? And by the way, she’s a role model and u can take anything out of context and make it look like something it’s not. So everybody stop ragging on Taylor because you don’t know the context or what was even said. Second why would she say that to 1D? Not any good reason I can come up with. So just stop trying to say Taylor hates 1D and is out to get them.

  17. Yumi Said:

    actually Taylor said “sorry for my arm” but she could’ve saved her speech like okay Harry was there and thank god he inspired her to do that song but saying just “thank you to all my fans” was more than enough.

  18. Kati Farkas Said:

    You would think that by now, this man-eater would have learned to control her public actions. I love her music but she definitely needs to control that sassy personality of hers…

  19. Maddie Said:

    If anyone says Taylor swift is a role model to me I will laugh I’m sorry but do role models get a boy friend every two weeks just so she can write a song about them? No I didn’t think so she’s no where near a role model she’s rude and stills acts like she’s in high school! One Direction don’t deserve any of this what she has done and plus this was months ago when they broke up she seriously needs to grow up and move on from her high school years and act her age!! She practically bullies her Ex’s

  20. Becka Said:

    I think she was talking to Selena, so it doesn’t matter what she said xxx

  21. Jenn Said:

    well I’m bit confused about is he says “Sorry for my arm.” or “Shut the fuck up.” I have nothing to deal with the boys or taylor but I couln’t understand.

  22. Van Der Who? Said:

    Actually is all Tay’s fault. She always hook up with the wrong guys. Hey,why don’t you go and a song about how big trouble he was? And Harry on the other side is EWW. Taylor, Instead of saying out loud things that I would,because I don’t like 1D,keep your mouth shut, or whisper them in Selena’s ear. You are a celebrity,let’s say, watch your mouth. And try to be more careful when you chose your next boyfriend; btw, I’m available

  23. Melo Said:

    I used to like TSwift. But after knowing she loves to smear her ex, I am no longer supporting her. Please leave some respect to your ex, TSwift.

  24. Carmel Said:

    Get Over it !! God !! Even if she said STFU or ”sorry for my arm”, her speech when she received her award… was not very nice too !! So calm down your tits everyone!!
    Because everything that will happen to one of them in the futur wil attack the other one !! LIke if Harry will date someone the media will be like ”Poor Taylors Swit, it seen like Harry Styles find a new girl to cuddle” !! So seriously get over it !!!!!

  25. Catie Said:

    We have no idea what the context of the statement even was. And who even cares if she’s saying it as a diss?! People need to leave her alone and focus on more important things in life.

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