LOLZ! Behind the Scenes of One Direction’s “That Moment” Commercial!

While stars like Cody Simpson gave us a tres¬†realistic look inside the making of his latest music video, the lads of One Direction decided do something totally different with their “behind-the-scenes” video for their That Moment fragrance commercial. Take a look darlings, you’ll see what I mean…

LOLOLOL! That photographer’s bedazzled codpiece–I die! Obvs, the vid was a spoof–and a rather good one at that–but now the boys have release a behind the behind-the-scenes video that takes you inside the making of their inside the making video. Wait, what? ¬†Again minions, watch and be enlightened…

Is it just my imagination or do these 1D boys weigh about 100 pounds each? They look like children next to that faux French photog! But no matter how wee they may be, my heart will always lean in their direction.

Who’s BTS vid do you like the best, lambs: Cody’s or 1Ds?


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