Daily Drool: One Direction Shows Off Their Buff Bodies!

Have any of you ever sat around wondering, “Gosh, how does One Direction stay in shape?” Um no of course you haven’t, or if you have, I hope you’d at least have the good sense to lie and pretend otherwise. Nonetheless, while you may not care how 1D stays looking so hot, no doubt you do want to see it, am I right minions? Well I happen to have a video of the lads getting all hot and sweaty, so turn your ringer off, lock the door and try not to lick your monitor…

A few things surprised me: for one, how does Harry Styles survive off only four hours of sleep? Yuck. I need at least nine hours of beauty rest to be at my wicked best. Also, he does yoga? Double yuck. I cannot stand it when a guy strolls into my yoga class, but I suppose I could make an exception for HS, wouldn’t you?

harry styles shirtless


I’m also just generally shocked that Harry is so into fitness. He seems more likely to sleep until noon with some anonymous model by his side. But both he and Liam Payne are total gym rats, and I must say, I’m loving the thought of Harry getting all fit and sexy. But if only we could get rid of some of those tattoos, n’est ce pas, darlings?

Which 1D doll has the most perfect physique in your opinion? And who should log a few more hours on the treadmill?


  1. Regina Said:

    Oh, Harry. People say: No hair, no man. Instead of getting ink under your skin, u should get hair transplant. You need it, hun. Xxo

  2. Grace Said:

    Liam’s the fittest in my opinion, all the boys are fit. Personally, I don’t like facial hair. Harry rocks those tats x

  3. kmac Said:

    Oh, please! They are boys, not men. And the tats look ridic.

  4. Angela Said:

    Tattoos are a turn-off for me. I personally think that tattoos ruin the looks of the body, but that’s only my opinion. And where is his hair? Has he just been shaving himself off as mostly ladies would (but of course I am a feminist so until I want to shave, I’m a hairy caveman)?

    I actually could survive off only four hours of sleep. But unlike Harry, I have to go to school five days a week (unless there’s a holiday or something) and in order to be on time, I must sleep.

  5. Lindsey Said:

    Harry having no chest hair is definitely a plus, no one wants to date a national forrest. Plus the fact harry is so buff is added sexy points.

  6. Tania Said:

    They are all fit, but Liam is the fittest ;) I really think HS should get rid of some of those tattoos, especially the butterfly.

  7. Devon Said:

    I think Harry of all people can rock those tats. I’ve never been a big fan of the butterfly, but it’s grown on me. He’s hot with or without hair. Besides… What freak looks for a guy with a hairy chest? I’m 100% sure that if Harry came up to you and asked you on a date you wouldn’t say no just because he didn’t have a hairy chest. Mhmm. that’s what I thought.

  8. Kelsea Said:

    Technically they are men considering they are 22, 20, 20, and 19. Learn your facts before you comment something stupid.

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