Ooh La Luxe: Jewelry and Suits Inspired By The Great Gatsby

As you all know, I’m obsessed with everything about the upcoming release of The Great Gatsby. And now, I’m even more excited because they have just announced a partnership with Tiffany & Co. and Brooks Brothers to create pieces inspired by the fashionable flick.

First, let’s look at the jewels. Is this not the most OMFGorgeous headpiece (which — bonus! — has a detachable brooch)? It features freshwater cultured pearls, round brilliant diamonds, and a total carat weight of 25.04. At just $200,000, it’s a steal!


Tiffany & Co.

And for the Chuck Bass in your life, the Brooks Brothers Great Gatsby Collection is just as lovely. This classic linen suit will only put you back $698 and is sure to make your man look extra dapper the next time you venture over to a speakeasy.

brooks brothers great gatsby suit

Brooks Brothers

What are you looking forward to the most about this film? The fashion or Leonardo DiCaprio? Tell me in a comment below!

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  1. M Said:

    Both Leo and the fashion

  2. ak Said:

    well considering the movie is based off of such a classic book, i’m more looking forward to how well the movie follows. the fashion and leo are just the minor details that will help put it together…

  3. Laxmi Aryal Said:

    before buying anything with diamonds, go watch Blood Diamonds. you should know where the diamonds came from and you should be informed to make the proper decision.

  4. silvia Said:

    I love this collection :)
    I’ve also talked about it in an article on my blog.
    If you want read it :

  5. Effy Said:

    Both of course. c:

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