Paris Hilton Is Still Terrible

If your beloved boyfriend took a tumble down the slopes while skiing and sliced his leg open, what would be your first instinct? Cry? Panic? Tend to him? All three are acceptable answers…unless you’re Paris Hilton. The odious heiress’ first impulse was to put on her Blue Steel face and pose for an Instagram picture in front of poor River Vilperi’s bleeding, bruised body:

paris-hilton-river vilperi

That’s River in the background, giving the thumbs up to signal that he’s OK–as if Paris cares. The pair were in Tahoe last week to celebrate her 32nd birthday, and I just can’t believe that someone so insanely old is still acting so insanely insane.

Which other celebrity can you picture being so selfish and absurd? Kim K.? Lindsay Lohan? Moi?

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