Ooh La Luxe: Paris Hilton’s Pups Have a Two-Story Dog House

They say every dog has its day, but if you’re Paris Hilton‘s pups, at least it takes place in your very own private mansion. Nevermind that your owner is one of the worst…that’s easily overlooked when you walk into the two-story palace complete with a winding staircase, pink walls, and a balcony to look down upon your kingdom.

When you’d like to take a rest, you can relax on the leather armchairs and plush couches, or even sit by the pool. And when you’re ready for some fun, there are plenty of toys to run around with.

Here’s a tour of one of the most luxurious dog homes I’ve ever seen (Note: this doesn’t mean I endorse Paris in any way. I’d just like to steal this house and her puppies… is that really a crime?)

Tell me loves, what the biggest splurge you’ve ever bought for your pets? Mine was a Swarovski Dog Throne–I wanted her to feel as royal as moi. XOXO

Paris Hilton walking along Bedford Drive with dog


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