Hot Mess: Paris Hilton Dresses Like Miley Cyrus for Halloween

Inevitably, there is one Halloween costume that is totally trendy, aka a total don’t. One year it was The Joker, then Honey Boo Boo, and now, of course, this year’s is Miley Cyrus at the VMAs.

QUELLE YAWN, darlings. I’d never dress up as a fellow celeb, least of all Miley.┬áBut, surprise surprise, Paris Hilton┬ádid. Of course.

Paris Hilton dresses up as Miley Cyrus


Ugh. I cringed when I saw her and told my driver to graze her with the car’s hood ornament if at all possible.

So minions, if this very same outfit is hanging in your wardrobe, ready for Thursday night’s festivities, there’s still time to change. Tell me dolls what you’re planning to don on All Hallow’s Eve–and I’ll let you know if I approve. You know you love me…XOXO.


  1. Brittany Said:

    She’s probably only wearing it to make fun of Miley, so in that case it’s okay, right GG?

  2. nichola Said:

    Omg paris hilton looks so redicilous!!! Ain’t nobody can rock that style like miley cyrus miley’s awesome

  3. F Said:

    OMG! I absolutely love it!!!!

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