Breaking News: No One Likes Paris Hilton

Spotted: Paris Hilton at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, despite being specifically dissed by festival honcho Robert Redford, who said that people like Paris (only there for the swag and the parties) are the reason the festival’s rep has deteriorated.

“Pretty soon you had Paris Hilton, and she didn’t have anything to do with the films. I said, ‘What movie is she in?,’” said RR once upon a time. And judging from PH’s weekend activities, she had no intention of proving Mr. Redford wrong.

I spied her careening around from lounge to lounge, scooping up computers, speakers, and cell phones before heading to a slew of parties. “She was wearing sunglasses and acting like, ‘I run this place,'” my source snipes.

Tres lame, darlings. Not only has Paris lost the celebutant war to ex-BFF Kim Kardashian, she doesn’t even have the good sense to stay home and let her reputation heal.

Can you think of another celeb who’s slid further into embarrassment and obscurity than Paris has?

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  1. demamanda Said:

    Poor Paris, she’s become irrelevant. Oh well

  2. acne Said:

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