Daily Drool: Patrick Schwarzenegger Shirtless

If you’ll remember, darlings, Taylor Swift’s romance with jailbait boyfriend Conor Kennedy didn’t simply and amicably run its course. No no. I heard that Conor caught her making out with his cousin Patrick Schwarzenegger at a party in Cape Cod and dumped her then and there.

Now peep this pic of Patrick flexing after a workout and tell me if you can blame her:


Me neither.


  1. Lana Said:

    His CK though. <3

  2. G.G 2.0 Said:

    Can I have a giant blown up picture of him and lose abs?! Ouy vey those are HOT HOT HOT!!! Make sure you push the socks down though we want to see your legs. ;)

    XOXO Gossip Girl 2.0

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