Paul Wesley’s New Movie Role

It’s hard for me to think of perfect Paul Wesley as anything other than a fanged creature of the night, but he’s about to branch out of The Vampire Diaries undead demographic with his new movie role in a flick called Curfew, which starts filming this summer!

Paul Wesley


Paul will costar alongside Emmy Rossum as a guy who’s at a low point in his life then gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to watch her kid for a few hours. So it’s a…comedy? Thriller? I can’t picture Paul doing a ton of slapstick comedic gags, but who knows! The movie is a full-length adaptation of an Oscar-winning short film, and I for one can’t wait to see our little Pauly on the big screen, can you darlings?

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  1. hollaa Said:

    he looks kind of gross there… not as hot as he usually looks!

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