Paul Wesley Hard Rocks Out

Spotted: erstwhile vampire Paul Wesley swinging by the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego, where he flashed his rock hard biceps. For all of you who swoon over Ian Somerhalder, does this little glimpse of Paul do anything to sway you to team Stefan or will you always be a team Damon die-hard?

Photograph by Splash News



  1. Klementyna Said:

    Oh, I will always be in ”Ian’s” team… Sorry Paul! ; )

  2. Maura Said:

    I am team Ian/Damon, but I can see why Elena is torn between the two!!! :)

  3. Ana Said:

    Well, Paul is hotter but Ian is Ian you know ? team Ian always !

  4. Tara Said:

    My friends were telling me about TVD’s so I checked it out. I have to say Paul (Stefan) is now the reason I watch the show. He is GORGEOUS! and by far has the best body on that show. Seeing this picture look at that man he is so hotttt.

  5. Sarah Said:

    Tream Stefan/Paul always. He is as hot as hot gets. No one on the show trumps that, even Damon/Ian.

  6. Lacysos Said:

    Ian’s okay, but I LOVE Paul Wesley. Watch the show for Stefan. And I can’t wait to see the Ripper.

  7. Jessie Said:

    Always have and will be Team Stefan/Paul. He is too gorgeous.

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