Jersey Shore’s Pauly D Reveals He Has a Baby Girl

Pauly D received some news, and I wonder if he was pumping or shaking his fist when he heard it… The Jersey Shore star revealed to my friends over at TMZ that he has a baby girl now thanks to a random hookup in Las Vegas while he was in town for a DJ gig a year ago. But don’t worry–his baby mama is from New Jersey too. Phew! The bloodline would have been ruined otherwise…

The paternity test came out positive and the 26-year-old mother has filed court papers to formally establish that he is in fact the dad.

“I’m proud I’m a father,” Pauly said, accepting the situation. “I am excited to embark on this new part of my life.”

No word yet on if the little girl has his hairline.

Do you think Pauly D will be a good dad or will he be too busy GTLing to pay attention to this new little lady in his life?

Pauly D Hot Summer Kickoff Party


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  1. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Jersey Shore is such a new generational crap right in the face. Holy fucking cats is what 2013 is. I was certainly born in the wrong fucking year because I don’t care how old I’d be now, but I wanted to be fucking born in the 80s. I’m glad I let that go,

  2. Blair Waldorf Said:

    I am thrilled he has not a whole family of bastard kids. I mean the guy bangs every single chic he finds! With his record of bangs, he should have so many kids, he shouldn’t be able to count them! XOXO

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