Tragic News: Peaches Geldof Dead at 25

In truly tragic news from across the pond, English socialite Peaches Geldof – daughter of rocker and philanthropist Bob Geldof – was found dead in her home on Monday, April 7. The 25-year old was survived by her husband – musician Thomas Cohen; two young boys; and sisters Pixie Geldof, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lilly Hutchence, and Fifi Trixibelle Geldof.


Though Peaches was the British it girl on the party scene in her teens and early 20s, she had changed her ways over the past two years. After a ill-advised brief Las Vegas elopement to Chester French frontman Max Drummey, and a very public romance with horror director Eli Roth, Peaches took on a quieter life as a mother, professional television presenter and model – even settling down in the suburbs for goodness sake!  While many of us were posting party pics, the former wild child spent her last weekend posting photos and videos of her young boys Phaedra and Astala on Twitter.

According to London’s Daily Mail, police are still investigating the cause of her “unexplained and sudden” death. On Wednesday, a forensic pathologist will investigate further.

Our thoughts and air kisses are with her family and friends in this difficult time. XOXO.


  1. donald Said:

    This is what happens to crack whores.

  2. marie Said:

    Wow Donald, I wonder what’s going to happen when you die, I guarantee a nation won’t grieve for you. I’m guessing, from the way you spend your time saying horrible things about people who have tragically died behind the protection of your computer screen that you’ve never had a positive impact on anybodies life. Do you think you’re performing some kind of a public service? You’re not and you just make it look like you have something to compensate for. This isn’t making it any bigger.

  3. Sheena Said:

    I don’t believe peaches died from drugs I believe she had a eating disorder like Karen carpenter I think preaches had a massive heart attack. God bless her family at this time….sheena

  4. Lilianna Said:

    I don’t think she did drugs. And Donald, shut the fuck up. She is not a crack whore and she never was, and of course now she could never be, even though she wouldn’t if she was alive. Bless her family and friends.

  5. Cece Said:

    Donald, that was uncalled for and rude. Did you know her personally? If not, don’t go around making assumptions about “crack whores.” It’s un classy and mean. I don’t know you, and I don’t want to at all, but I’m guessing you have some issues with self worth. You should probably see someone about that.

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