Hot Hairy Mess: Penn Badgley’s Beard

Oh Penn. My darling, delicious Penn. I understand that you’re living the jetset life, but surely there’s a good men’s spa or at least a barber shop nearby no matter what exotic locale you find yourself in!

While Dianna Agron gleamed at last night’s Coach party on the Highline in NYC, poor Penn Badgley turned up looking like he just wandered out of a hipster soup kitchen. While I don’t hate his chest hair–I have a strange lumberjack fantasy–his mop top is getting a little out of control.

Are your little fingers itching to tame his mane? Or is Lonely Boy wild and wonderful just as he is?

penn badgley at coach's highline party in nyc



  1. Naa Said:

    J ainb dhh FF

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