Penn Badgley Dishes On His Next Project

Been a little lonely without Lonely Boy in your life? Me too, minions. But our favorite Brooklynite (if there is such a thing) Penn Badgley opened up about what he’s been doing since handing over the gossip girl reigns to yours truly and you may be surprised…

“At the moment, because there’s no films that have come along that have really sparked my interest, I’m focusing on music,” Penn told Vanity Fair. “But for me, its just, like, whatever comes, whatever’s happening.”

penn badgley


Music? I knew he was talented, but I had no idea P was headed in that direction, did you dolls? Penn also admitted that he’s a fan of, well, pens.

“I actually write with a pen as much as I can. I write e-mails electronically, everything else I do with a pen,” he said. “And that’s actually no bullsh-t. I write in a journal, I guess you could call it. Well, it’s not, like, a diary, it’s just, I don’t know, thoughts and musings, songs, whatever. It’s somewhere in between. Sometimes it can be beautiful, depending on my mood.”

I just gave myself a laugh trying to picture P strutting around a stage a la Justin Timberlake, but I’m sure that his musical style is more Ray LeMontagne than One Direction, don’t you think? What’s your take on his break from acting? Should he pick a movie ASAP and get back on the screen or would you line up to hear his songs any day?

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  1. Ella Said:

    He sang in Buckley. His band has two singles up on soundcloud, only no one knew it was Penn’s band though a lot of blogs picked up the songs anyway

    The first reviews are awesome

  2. Jeffrey Said:

    I would line up for everything he does. He’s good at acting and since he did a karoake-version of Brown Sugar in a bar, I just know that he is also good at singing. So I will support him in whatever he does, except taking a break from anything.

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