Spotted: Penn Badgley Kissing Fifty Shades of Grey Star Dakota Johnson

What does Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley have in common with Christian Grey? They both get to make out with Anastasia Steele, aka actress Dakota Johnson. My spies caught Penn and Dakota filming scenes in NYC for the upcoming movie Cymbeline. 

In this flick–which is a modern take on the William Shakespeare play with the same name–Dakota plays Penn’s character’s wife. For the role, she sports a short brown wig and looks more like Kristen Stewart with a pixie cut than her usual blonde and bubbly self.

The two were spotted filming a kissing passionate make-out scene yesterday. Will things get even more hot and heavy on set for this duo? Hey, she has to practice for Anastasia somehow… XOXO

'Cymbeline' film set in New York City


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  1. Alexis Said:

    I thought Ian Somerhalder was playing Christian Grey? Wait Christian is supposed to be a girl role? Okay I never saw 50 Shades of Grey but I thought Christian was a boy’s name? I am really confused. Is this some remake or something? I mean that’s what they did with 90210. I still don’t get this.

  2. Khaing Said:

    I prefer Kevin Zegers or Chris Pine instead of Charlie Hunnam or Penn Badgley!

    Their looks are more of a subtle, perfect, beautiful guy with big bright eyes… perfect for Christian Grey. (not to mention chest hair)

  3. Iulia Said:

    @alexis I’m confused about your confusion. Christian Grey is a male role,obviously,but it’s not gonna be played by Ian. And Anastasia’s role will be interpetated by Dakota.(if this was your confusion)

  4. Emily Said:

    It’s really not that difficult: 50 shades is a book, never been a film yet. Dakota is playing the female lead in the film. Can’t remember who’s playing Christian but you’re right, he is a man.

  5. pris Said:

    @Emily Christian’s going to be played by Charlie Hunnam :)

  6. Ruby Said:

    Wait they are actually making 50 shades of grey into a movie? Why not just watch porn instead? That probably has better storyline and better written.

  7. T Said:

    Whatever, 50 shades of grey sucks anyways. The fact she looks like kristen stewart is no accident.

  8. Ben Said:

    We all know, all you #FiftyShadesFans, including me, that Matt Bomer is THE CHRISTIAN GREY we all imagined in our dirty little minds. C’mon, all you have to do is google his name and you’ll know THAT is Christian Grey. And as for Ana, I always thought Lucy Hale was perfect for that role. XOXO

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