Penn Badgley Talks About Music… and His Hair

Penn Badgley

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Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley (Dan Humphrey) stars in the new movie Greetings From Tim Buckley, which premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. Penn did an interview with about the film, a potential music career, and of course his hair! Some highlights from the interview, below:

On how he prepared for the role – “I didn’t even listen to [Jeff Buckley’s music] that much leading up to [filming the movie]. I studied him for like a week. Think about it: an entire week of watching one person. But the key there is evoking his qualities and being natural myself and letting the qualities that I have take over as opposed to mimicking him.”

On his musical background – “I’ve always loved music. I listen to music the way a lot of actors watch movies…Neither of my parents play music. As weird as it was, my parents actually showed me “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys, All 4 One’s “I Swear” and an Aaron Neville and Kathy Lee Gifford Christmas album. I mean, my parents have the worst musical tastes. But my dad listened to jazz. There was a Yusef Lateef album and a couple Miles Davis albums he had, the iconic stuff that everybody knows. So my musical background is weird in that I don’t really have one. I love music and I’ve always sung to myself.”

On a future music career – “There will never be a Penn Badgely album [laughs]. But for the first time, I’m friends with a bunch of musicians, so I’m playing with them and opening for them. But I’ve gotta get my legs.”

On his hair – “You know what’s so funny about that? It’s my hair. On the show [“Gossip Girl”] since day one, it’s been such a topic of conversation…So what I’m gonna do, I think, finally, when [the show is] over, is just shave it off and get rid of all that.”

Check out another interview with Penn and the Greetings From Tim Buckley director Daniel Algrant below. In it, Daniel says that there wouldn’t be a movie without Penn (such high praise!) Are you excited about seeing the film?

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