Perrie Edwards Dishes on Her Engagement to Zayn Malik!

Girl band that no one has ever heard of, Little Mix, graces the cover of magazine no one has ever heard of, Bliss, and bandmember Perrie Edwards gives us a reason to care by tattling the details of her engagement to One Direction hottie Zayn Malik!

“We’re just so happy right now,” Perrie gushed. “I’m on cloud nine and so is he.”

“Literally she got proposed to on Sunday, we were back at work on Monday and it was the first thing she said,” added her band-mate Jade Thiriwall.

little mix


Perrie also dished on how she “accidentally” wore her engagement ring to the premiere of 1D’s movie, This Is Us:

“To be honest, I didn’t even think about it. I was going to an event, getting ready with the girls, excited to see him. I get scared at red carpets in case I fall over and I didn’t want to do that with the ring. But luckily I didn’t embarrass myself.”

Ah… young love, darlings. Do you think P and Z will make it down the aisle, or will Perrie be eating her words–not wedding cake?

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  1. Valry Said:

    They are soo cute together,i hope they get married and live happily ever after

  2. Dana Said:

    Just cause you live in another fucking planet and have never heard of them doesn’t mean people don’t know them!!
    They we’re at the teen choice awards and they are fucking amazing so stfu

  3. Sarah Said:

    Little Mix were on the British X-Factor a couple years ago (if I remember correctly)….I don’t think they won, though. And if I remember right, they were Simon’s group (or Tulisa’s….I’m really doing great remembering, aren’t I?! They were just. that. memorable. ha :-) ). At any rate, I’ve no clue why they’re still together, I think they’re a bit rubbish myself, but oh well- pop music will be pop music!

  4. Margo Said:

    Never heard of Little Mix till 1D
    Never heard of Bliss until right now.

    But yay for Z&P, may your wedding be as magical as B&C’s(;

  5. Katy Said:

    I’m pretty sure plenty have heard of Little Mix. They won the X Factor UK in 2011 and have taken the UK by storm. They recently released their album in the US and it has done well. They’re touring with Demi Lovato next year. You should do your research GG.

  6. Anonymous Said:

    They won And yes they’re great, their voices are really beautiful and not fake. And if you don’t know don’t speak. Thanks.

  7. tai Said:

    Everyone who’s attacking Gossip girl, it’s just an article for God’s sake, grow up, it’s pathetic! Gossip girl can write whatever she wants, it’s her article, so if you don’t like it, then simply don’t read… pathetic really… I love your articles Gossip girl, they always entertain me xoxo

  8. Celie Said:

    She was obviously ironic.

  9. Chloe Said:

    Aw it sounds like they’re both really happy! How adorable :)

  10. Sharon Said:

    I love them so much, both so talented and so madly in love. Both little mix and 1D are such amazing groups I can’t get enough of, and I have no doubt zayn and perrie will end up happily together.

  11. Sara Said:

    Little Mix where on Brittish x factor and they won! (Tulisa’s group) and they are famous all over the world!

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