WTF Alert: What Perrie Edwards Does In Front of Zayn Malik!

If you don’t already hate Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards for taking One Direction hottie Zayn Malik off the market, you’re about to. Perrie’s bandmate revealed that P does the most ghastly, most heinous awful gross thing around her husband-to-be…

“Perrie will happily fart in front of Zayn but I’d never do that in front of Jordan, Never!” tattled her bandmate Jesy Nelson

And Perrie didn’t exactly deny it: “I do it because I’m engaged, but if I wasn’t engaged, I’d be kind of f***ed!” she laughed. “I bite and chew my nails in front of him too.”

Zayn Malik Perrie Edwards


Though vile, IN NO WAY is biting your nails even in the same stratosphere as…that thing Perrie is doing. I shant even say it. It’s too awful. But am I alone on this, lambs? I feel that there is a huge difference between rudeness and intimacy–leaving the door open when you tinkle doesn’t mean you and your man are that much more in love. It’s just gross and unnecessary. Whatever happened to the idea of mystery in a romance? Why, my beau has never even see me brush my teeth! Why should he? It’s not exactly a noteworthy moment.

Perrie went on to explain that since they both have such hectic schedules (sure P, I’m sure you’re just as in demand as 1D, whatever you say…) she keeps the fire burning long distance by keeping her man “on his toes.”

Are you sure you didn’t mean assault his nose,” Per? You know you love me…XOXO.



  1. Evie Said:

    Am I the only one that thinks it’s ridiculous for girls to be expected NOT to fart in front of anyone? My boyfriend is the only person I will fart in front of because it is in the privacy of my own home! If I can’t do it there then I might as well get my colon removed because there’s no where left to be truly comfortable in the world!

  2. Apo Said:

    If you can’t fart in front of your own fiancé, where can you ? I’d better fart in front of him than tell him “Hum, I have to go to the ladies room, I reaaally need to fart but you can be there when I do it, for it’s not lady like.”

  3. Niki Said:

    Yea this articles probably one of the stupidest things I’ve read. Honestly because if you can’t ever feel comfortable farting near your boyfriend/girlfriend you might aswell not even be together. It’s about being who you are with the person you love, not the person who holds their fart in all because their too scared of how their partner is going to react. Get real gossip girl.

    Ps. Get some new material because lately you can’t find anything interesting or valid to write about. Xoxo

  4. Mary Said:

    Duh, everyone knows that girls don’t poop, let alone FART!! I am ashamed at this woman for being so audacious as to feel intimate with her partner, god forbid she could ever feel comfortable around him!
    It’s almost as bad as the idea that women grow body hair! I mean, everybody know’s that women are hairless creatures with no bowel movement, and perfect nails 100% of the time, right?!?!?!
    Fuck this article.

  5. Alicia Said:

    Loved the show, this article is simply the most ghastly, most heinous awful gross thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I fart AND brush my teeth in front of my fiance. And I know I’m not alone. I am always polite and discreet about it, but I am not about to hold a fart in with my baby around, and he isn’t about to either. This is a double standard I cannot accept. End of story. Unliked Gossip Girl on facebook and won’t be back here again so as not to upset myself. I have simply had enough.

  6. Shay Said:

    Pssh, I don’t hate nor will hate her. Sure, she farts and bites and chews her nails in front of Zayn. But, newsflash babes, it happens. Sooner or later he’s gonna see her bite and chew her nails, he’s gonna hear her fart and he’ll have no choice but to live with it. They’re engaged, if she weren’t they’d be fucked probably. The whole point in getting married is accepting each other’s flaws and loving each other undeniably. There’s no reason to it. Its simple, really.

  7. Gideon Maximus Said:

    Why should we care anyway? If Zayn doesn’t mind then why should we?

  8. Marissa Said:

    Partners do things like this in front of each other, but you dont need to tell the public about it. I dont want to read stuff like this, because it makes me imagine and thats the type of picture i dont want in my head. Sorry Perrie, but you take a big L for this

  9. Marissa Said:

    She has zero class. But then again people from Newcastle are generally gross. Its in her blood

  10. Georgina Sparks Said:

    This was really anti-feminist GG, it may not be “lady like” in YOUR standards, but if men can fart so can women. In fact if they are your fiancee then you CAN fart around them they’re the person you love and if you’re not comfortable around them…then…also everybody farts get over it. If you’re someone who doesn’t want to air your business, that’s fine but that doesn’t mean other women have to follow your standard because it’s “lady like”

  11. Sam Said:

    I dont even know who that is but i know Zayn, so im assuming shes aware the only way she can be a media topic of discussion is if she talks about him.

  12. trent Said:

    Who told this perrie character that we want to read sh*t like this? put a muzzle on it luv.

  13. Alyssia Said:

    He’s the only thing that’s relevant about her. So while I’m not surprised her comments are centered around him, they appear to be getting more pointless “I Fart in front of Zayn”. Kinda pathetic actually.

  14. trixie Said:

    Jesy probably does it in front of boyfriend too, difference is shes not stupid enough to say it.

  15. moet Said:

    perrie is ugly

  16. Ruby Said:

    I will pretty much fart in front of anyone. It’s as normal as coughing and doesn’t sound much worse either. If you’re grossed out from a fart you are not my type of person.

  17. lulue Said:

    what a close-minded world you must live in, GG…

  18. Gossiper0213 Said:

    Actually, Perrie has all the right to be whoever she is in front of Zayn :) The writer does not get the kind of relationship someone will be actually truthfully honest about :)

  19. KayJo Said:

    If this is what Gossip Girl articles are coming to, maybe you should just stop writing. Like them or dislike them, celebrities are HUMAN just as much as the rest of us. Heaven forbid she should have natural bodily functions in front of the person she’s going to spend the rest of her life with. What else is she supposed to do, run and hide every time she needs to pass gas for the next 50 years? Ridiculous. Leave them alone.

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