Perrie Edwards Dishes on Her Wedding To Zayn Malik!

If you’ve been having the maid keep an eye out for an invite to Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ impending nuptials, you’re wasting your time, minions. P reveals that she hasn’t even begun to think about what kind of wedding she and Z will have thanks to their mutually hectic schedule.

Check out this video for all the dirty details:

Too lazy to watch? I don’t blame you. I’ll just tell you the important parts: Perrie admits that it will probably be a rather large affair since her family “is massive” and QUELLE HORREUR darlings–is that what her voice sounds like? Ugh! I always assume she has a twee little British lilt a la Kate Middleton, not some wonky Liverpool drawl. Let’s hope she doesn’t sing in that accent.

Per also informed her (totally bored-looking) bandmates that they’ll be in the bridal party and forced to give speeches at the blessed event, but said that her betrothed will not be singing at his own wedding.

Do these two seem like a good match or are you still firmly convinced that you are Z’s true love?


  1. RiRi Said:

    It seems like SHE’s deciding everything before they are even married…I wonder what it will be like when they really are married. poor Zayn.

  2. Mona Said:

    They seem perfect for each other . And girls only go bridezilla during their own weddings . If YOU were getting married would you let a guy do all the work? I mean a girl grows up planning her perf wedding day , guys not so much . So no she’s doing perfectly fine . K bye

  3. GossipLove Said:

    She’s not from Liverpool, she’s from South Shields…

  4. mina Said:

    she said there would be an indian element but zayns half Pakistani.. oop. she doesn’t even know who shes marrying

  5. megan garner Said:

    Sorry but there too young and naive to get married! It was only last year that he was caught cheating on her! :S

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