Pete Wentz is Expecting Another Baby!

Excuse me if I’m not exactly jumping for joy over the news that Pete Wentz and his girlfriend, “model” (please) Meagan Camper are expecting a baby. While Pete seems just delighted, posting this pic on his Instagram, I’m a little meh about the whole thing.

pete wentz


As you know, I believe babies to be creepy and annoying, and I don’t find Meagan much more charming. I’ve found myself socializing with her at the after party for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show a few months ago and I nearly dozed off into my Veuve Cliquot after 60 seconds of conversation. Plus, she’s rather pretentious and icy–doesn’t she know that’s my look?

And am I the only one who believes that his ex Ashlee Simpson will try to get knocked up ASAP out of spite?

But fine fine Pete I’ll be happy for you, only because I’m tres curious about what he’ll name the little one, given that his first son with Ashlee Simpson was dubbed Bronx Mowgli. Shudder.

So let’s drum up some baby names right now, shall we? I personally like Queens PeterPan, or perhaps Brooklyn Cinderella, don’t you? Leave your own suggestions in the comments, minions…XOXO.


  1. Meghan Said:

    How about king Louie, buguria, or khan, just to keep it in the jungle book family

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