Pics: Leighton Meester in Celebrity Hairstyles

There’s no debate: Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester has OMFGorgeous hair. But has she ever wanted to chop it all off? She recently told New York Mag that she hasn’t really been able to change her hair since she’s been playing Blair Waldorf, so maybe now that the series is coming to an end, there’s a chance she could do a drastic change.

“I used to do it all the time, so I think if the mood strikes me, I’ll cut my hair or dye it or try different things,” she said. “I haven’t really planned it out. But at least I just know that there’s a possibility that I can do whatever I want. It would probably coincide with doing a different part that required a different hairstyle. But I’m not necessarily planning on chopping my hair off or shaving my head as soon as I’m done with the show. “

But, if she were to decide to make a change, we’re here with options! We tried different celebrity hairstyles on Leighton via the InStyle Makeover Tool. Check out Leighton in the hairstyles of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Emma Watson and more below, then tell us which one you think she looks best in!

Ashlee Simpson

Leighton looks sunny and chic with lighter locks and a pixie cut like Ashlee Simpson.

Photo Credit: WENN

Camilla Belle

With a darker color and a shorter 'do like Camilla Belle, Leighton looks mature and sophisticated.

Photo Credit: WENN

Drew Barrymore

Is that Drew Barrymore or Leighton Meester with Drew Barrymore's hairstyle? It's amazing how a hairdo can make someone look identical to someone else!

Photo Credit: WENN

Emma Watson

Leighton could go drastic like Emma Watson did by chopping all of her hair off.

Photo Credit: WENN

Hayley Williams

Or Leighton could take the drastic look in a completely different direction by going bright red like Hayley Williams.

Photo Credit: WENN

January Jones

By bleaching her hair and adding subtle pink streaks, Leighton could rock January Jones' look.

Photo Credit: WENN

Katy Perry

For a super-edgy look, Leighton could take a hint from Katy Perry's blue look.

Photo Credit: WENN

Lady Gaga

If we're thinking of out-of-the-box "notice me" hairstyles, Leighton could rock Lady Gaga's bleached hair bow.

Photo Credit: WENN


And just for fun, this is Upper East Side meets Jersey Shore.

Photo Credit: WENN


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