CaptionEd: Ed Westwick’s Long Hair

Ed Westwick with long hair in Romeo and Juliet

We can’t get enough of Ed Westwick — and we really can’t get enough of staring at pictures of him all day. That’s why we decided to put our photo-obsession to good use with this column: CaptionED! Each week, we post a pic of the object of our affection on Facebook and pick the best captions you submitted in the comments.

Ed, who is famous for being UES royalty, decided to go all out this week. Who knows, perhaps Chuck is trying to show Blair he makes a better prince than Louis Grimaldi of Monaco? This pic is of Ed in his role as Tybalt in the upcoming flick Romeo & Juliet. Here are some of our fave captions submitted by you on Facebook:

  • “I’m charming. Prince Charming.” -Crystal
  • “I’m gonna go medieval on your ass…” -Karl
  • “Long lost relative Severus Snape finally found!” -Meliena
  • “Blair seemed to like Humphrey’s long hair, so I thought I’d try it.” -Stephanie
  • “Spotted: C in the 16th century, pulling off the long locks better than D ever could.” -Karley
  • “Chuck Bass undercover. And under hair. Where art thou, Blair?” -Karen
  • “I’m the next Fabio” -Amanda
  • “Long hair, don’t care (unless it’s Blair).” -Katie

Which one was your favorite caption this week? Tell us in a comment below. And love Ed? Chat about him with other fans in our message boards!

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