Easy, Breezy, Bad Ass? P!nk is the Newest CoverGirl!

When it comes to celeb spokesmodels, CoverGirl cosmetics has employed the good (Taylor Swift) the bad (Ellen DeGeneres… because what boy doesn’t want his GF to look more like Ellen?) and now, the edgy.

I hear that rocker babe P!nk has signed on to be the newest CoverGirl for the brand’s new “beauty with an edge” campaign.

Would you take makeup tips from Little Miss “Blow Me”? Or are these coveted contracts better left to more traditional beauties?

pink p!nk covergirl





  1. ggada Said:

    really??P!nk?!i just got a wtf moment!☻

  2. kareil Said:

    super love Pink <3

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