Pippa Middleton’s Newspaper Column Gets Axed

Pippa Middleton‘s got nothing on Carrie Bradshaw. I hear the British socialite’s newspaper column for the Daily Telegraph has not been renewed after only a measly six-month run. Turns out being Kate’s sister just isn’t enough to make you interesting.

An insider told Us Weekly that “The readers just weren’t into it. There was a lot of negative mail coming in after each column and there were too many off-limit subjects for her. They ran out of ideas.”

This comes after her party-planning book “Celebrations” sold only 18,000 copies. Total failure, darlings!

Sure, Pippa is pretty, but is there anything else about her that makes you want to listen to what she has to say? What do you think the difference is between her and Kate? (And Prince William is not the answer I’m looking for, Upper East Siders…) XOXO

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  1. Vera Said:

    She is kind of attention seeking person and she is embarrassing herself and her sister. It would be understandable if her sister was marrying a celebrity but she is married to the heir of a country.Very unacceptable.
    The difference.. Her sister has class and is born to be a Princess.. She is a another Kim K.

    P. S.she is not pretty

  2. Mimi Rocks Said:

    Just because she is a sister to a Princess doesn’t mean she can do everything. She needs to find what she is good at and do it.
    And should not be compared to her sister all the time.
    She is her own person.

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