Were Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry Named Godparents to Prince George?

Was this a royal diss? Looks like Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry will just have to focus on being an awesome aunt and uncle to darling Prince George because I hear that neither were named godparents to the royal baby. Womp womp…

But all in all, seven lucky people of various parts of the royal couple’s life were handpicked to have the honor. The list includes William’s cousin Zara Phillips, along with old family friends, college pals and even a member of the royal staff. Interestingly, this selection of godparents breaks with tradition in that it includes non-royals.

Even though Pippa and Harry aren’t officially George’s godparents, we know they’ll take care of him in the most loving way–how much do you want to bet they’re the two who buy him his first beer?

In celebration of G’s christening today, can we take a moment to look at how adorable this family is?

Prince GeorgePrince George ChristeningPrince George Christening

Are you still as obsessed with the royal baby as when he was born? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Love them Said:

    OMG that’s so cute!!! Mom’s and daughter’s dresses match!!! PER-FECT!

  2. Mickey322 Said:

    Umm Love Them I hate to break it to you but the royal baby is a boy! His name is George! He looks so cute!!! Congrats!

  3. B Said:

    ^ uhhh. Its a boy ya know?

  4. Jasmina Said:


  5. jhanix Said:

    aw! he so cute!

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