Does the Palace Have a Problem With Pippa Middleton?

As we all eagerly wait for Kate Middleton to bring a little prince or princess into the world, I hear the palace has something else on its mind… Apparently, those at Buckingham Palace are worried Kate’s sis Pippa is stealing the spotlight with her appearances at high-profile functions.

“Astonishingly, Pippa was ordered by palace officials to lower her public profile just last week over fears she was hogging the royal limelight,” a source said. “The week before that, she had to pull out of a charity tennis match, again after pressure from the palace.”

While this is surely a case to produce the strongest of sibling rivalries, one can only hope Pip will take it all in stride — after all, she’s got the assets to do it beautifully. XOXO

Pippa Middleton Waitrose Summer Party 2013


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  1. James Myles Said:

    It’s a nice photograph, she should share celebrity time with her other half.

  2. mp3 Said:

    I need a few good websites that you know for a fact are trustworthy..

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