Poll: Who Should Blair Choose — Chuck or Dan?

Dan Humphrey Blair Waldorf Chuck Bass Love Triangle

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In Monday’s season finale of Gossip Girl, “The Return of the Ring,” Blair Waldorf has to make a very big decision: choosing between Chuck Bass and Dan Humphrey.

She will make her final decision by the time the episode is over, but who do you think she should pick? Here’s what’s being said on Twitter:


  • “Chuck and Blair are made for each other. Those obstacles they’d go through together only strengthen their love.” – @lyanaaaZ
  • “Blair and Chuck have belonged together since day one. They understand each other and know each other inside and out.” – @anumakhter
  • “Blair should pick Chuck because they have so many firsts, so deep of an understanding, sooo much love, and scheming to do.” – @saturdayxsugar


  • “I love Chuck and their volatile relationship, but B should pick Dan as he knows the real B and always brings out the best in her!” – @meghna71
  • “Dan puts HER before himself, time and time again. He’s her best friend and he loves her.” – @kissbystarlight
  • “Dan is the sweetest, most caring, supportive guy on GG. He makes Blair happy, love her truly. They found each other.” – @DairAlways

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  1. austin Said:

    i only voted chuck because dan belongs with serena

  2. Emmagossip Said:

    Blair & Chuck <3 Best couple ever !!!

  3. DaniRojt Said:

    Blair and Chuck!

  4. Mars4 Said:

    Blair and Dan, please! Dair is True Love, is sweet, is Flawless and Marvelous.

  5. amandaf Said:

    Chuck and Blair forever!!! They were made for each other, they have chemistry (dair have no chemistry, it’s boring to see them together). And the most important: Chuck really loves Blair, and she really loves him, you can see/feel it when they’re together even if it’s just as “friends”.

  6. tamara Said:

    please, Dan has to be with Blair! Their love history is so sweet and pure!! chair is over!! get it!! DAIR IS THE ENDGAME!!! they deserve to be happy TOGETHER! I’m still watchin the show JUST FOR DAIR!

  7. tamara Said:

    please, Dan has to be with Blair! Their love’s history is so sweet and pure!! chair is over!! get it!! DAIR IS THE ENDGAME!!! they deserve to be happy TOGETHER! I’m still watching the show JUST FOR DAIR!

  8. Chrys1130 Said:

    Chuck and Blair !!

  9. Pamelaevans Said:

    Dan and Blair Always.

  10. toneofsurprise Said:

    Chuck because the great love *is* the right love. Chuck and Blair know each other inside out and love every part of what they see.

  11. idiotwithaak47 Said:

    you’ll still have me
    i thought you should get to feel like a princess one last time
    if you could only see what i see
    our relationship is our world. we’re a team
    you have nothing to worry about
    there is nothing i want more than to spend the entire summer right by your side
    we’re good with each other. we help each other grow. we don’t hold each other back
    i love you, you know that right?
    i told chuck he doesn’t have my heart anymore. i realized it belongs to someone else.
    that girl is fiercely strong, independent, outspoken, beautiful, capable of anything, and no man or magazine should be able to take that away from her
    it’s you, it couldn’t be awful
    dan loves me for me
    take me there
    just be your charming wonderful self like you’ve been with me all year
    i just want you to be happy
    i want her to be happy
    i just need to know that you’ll be there for me
    and i care about you too
    it’s like he peered into my soul
    you look perfect
    i need you
    you have me
    how do you kill a feeling
    i turned to you, dan
    it’s not brooklyn i’m here for
    you’re an evil dictator of taste blair
    I love that, who said that?
    a friend of mine
    i do think you deserve to be with someone who makes you happy
    you trust me, I trust you

    I’m not even going to bother with Chuck.

  12. bonafide11 Said:

    Chuck and Blair of course! They’re each other’s great love. Chuck has matured so much this year. They’re ready to be together for good.

  13. xxchaima Said:

    Chuck and Blair are the perfect kopel
    and dan belang s whit Serena

  14. xxchaima Said:

    Blair and Chuck (L)

  15. mkersey Said:

    Chuck cause he is her equal.They don’t have to try to make each other happy cause just being together does that. You can’t rely on someone else to make you happy that have to come from within.And also they know each other from the inside out and love all those sides

  16. jaime Said:

    Chuck and Blair. They are amazing together and the only reason I watch GG (I haven’t watched it since the second half of season 5 began).

  17. LyanneMichelle Said:

    Chuck and Blair, they’re made to each other… Their love is meant to be, every step they have passed through gg is just a sign that they need to end up together, PLEASE!

  18. bonnieleighc Said:

    Chuck and Blair. With one look and one touch you know they are meant to be.

  19. Lexie Said:

    I think Chuck and Blair are by far the better couple. They are far more interesting to watch and those two just looking across the room at each other makes a viewers heart flutter.

  20. britt23 Said:

    It’s all about Chuck and Blair for me. No other couple is as magnetic or beautiful as these two. They are why God made tv.

  21. blairchucklove Said:

    I voted on chuck because chuck and blair are more interesting to look at. Than dan and blair they are so boring. chuck and blair belong in the same world and dan and blair are fighting
    xo xo

  22. May13 Said:

    Chuck – and only Chuck – is the right choice for Blair. In her heart it’s always been him.

  23. Korvmoa Said:

    chuck and blair <3

  24. kyrabass Said:

    CHUCK. CHUCK. CHUCK. CHAIR. Chuck never loved anyone but Blair.

  25. kyrabass Said:

    Chuck Bass stopped his womanizing ways for Blair. CHAIR FOREVER!

  26. kyrabass Said:

    Dan fell in love with A LOT of girls in the show. Chuck may have had sex with a lot of girls, but Blair’s is the only one he loved.

  27. kyrabass Said:

    Chuck deserves to be happy. He has been alone long enough. He deserves Blair’s love. He deserves to be loved! Hasn’t anyone ever thought of the pain he’s been through? Dan has a father, a sister, a stepmom. Chuck has no one. Well now he has a dad who doesn’t care about him. CHAIR!

  28. kyrabass Said:

    Blair should choose Chuck because He’s Chuck Bass.

  29. kyrabass Said:

    Blair should choose Chuck because all of us know that deep inside her, Chuck is the only guy she loved and she will ever love.

  30. kyrabass Said:

    Blair should choose Chuck because if she doesn’t all the Chair fans will stop watching Gossip Girl.

  31. xxchaima Said:

    Chuck of course
    Dan sucks

  32. elizabethh Said:

    Chuck, of course.

  33. ShawnMarieH Said:

    There’s absolutely no contest here! Blair belongs with Chuck. End of story.

  34. isabel Said:

    Chuck, she’s the love of her life, he’s changed and they both can finally be happy together. No more fears!

  35. roxie Said:

    Chuck Bass ofc!! Their love has not ceased for 5 years! They know each other to their core and loves every part of it, good/bad. Their passion is amazing to watch, I want more!!!

  36. xxchaima Said:

    Chuck and Blair (L)

  37. ChuckandBlairFTW Said:

    Chuck of course.

    They are Chuck and Blair, Blair and Chuck. And everyone knows how much those words mean. Please, there’s nothing more exciting than Chuck and Blair together. They give life to the series. They are the main reason to watch the series. Their story is exciting, it’s epic.
    All they spent together must be respected. Their story did not start now. We accompany this story of true love since the first season. I can’t understand how anyone could not love this couple.How anyone could not hope that they stay together. Chuck and Blair is forever, it’s true, it’s unique, it’s wonderful, it’s epic, it’s exciting, it’s lovely, it’s perfect,it’s Chuck and Blair.
    Please producers,this story can not end without a happy ending!
    It’s impossible to imagine Blair without Chuck and Chuck without Chuck.




  38. xxchaima Said:

    ♥♥ CHUCK ♥♥ AND ♥♥ BLAIR ♥♥

  39. xxchaima Said:


  40. ChuckandBlairFTW Said:

    Chuck of course.
    Please Blair,Choose Chuck *———-*

  41. SallyLovesChuck Said:

    Blair needs to choose Chuck!

    Even setting aside the 4+ years of love and connection Chuck and Blair had prior to late S5, I think 5.21 onwards has proven without a doubt that Chuck is the best guy for Blair. As much as Dan is supposed to support/life coach Blair, his speeches and words didn’t “fix” her or make her happy. It’s Chuck – who in 5.22 gave Blair a chance to DO something, to kick ass, to show her scheme skills – who is helping Blair find herself again.

    Blair will always love Chuck, and he’s grown so much in the last year (the most of all the characters, per Safran) that Chuck has earned Blair’s trust as well as her love. I bet any money S5 ends with Blair being brave and taking a risk on Chuck, her true love. Nothing else makes sense.

  42. Sarahh62 Said:

    I love Chuck and Blair!!

  43. LucyWaldorf Said:

    victor victrola – chuck and blair forever! Chuck is Blair’s true love! Chair forever, I hope a worthy end

  44. LucyWaldorf Said:


  45. LucyWaldorf Said:

    Victor Victrola, limo , sex in piano (…)

    ”I will always love you”

  46. LucyWaldorf Said:

    Victor Victrola, limo , sex in piano (…)

    ”I will always love you”

  47. AnaCris Said:

    Dan and Blair are real love. He will always be there for her, no matter how difficult it becomes. He can make her smile, he can make her happy. He wrote a book about her. I loved seeing their relationship develop like it did. They are the best couple on TV right now, and the best couple on GG EVER!


    If they don’t end up together… I will lose faith in love. And in humanity.

  48. Mars4 Said:

    Gentlemen, I hope it is only considered a vote for a nickname, and not by number of comments that each user makes.

    I noticed in the comments that a single user to do almost reached 10 comments.

    I love Dan and Blair together, because, in every sense, is the best couple that ever existed and exists in GG, but I would never disrespect the actions of other characters / actors.

    I trust in the writers and I know that choosing the best outcome for this beautiful love story. Thank you.

  49. LeahBass Said:

    How can Gossip Girl survive without B and C’s relationship?? The most dramatic love life is theirs! They have so much love for each other and together they are invincible! Blair has to be with Chuck!


    Chuck and Blair are endgame ♥


    CHUCK and BLAIR ♥

  52. britt23 Said:

    Chuck and Blair are meant to be together.

  53. Mimabessa Said:

    “Her and Chuck have had ups and down, and as much as everyone loves them together I think that them having time apart has actually helped Blair grow — and weirdly helped me grow, too,” the actress offered. She then continued, “The one relationship I’d love to see play out is Blair and Dan — just selfishly, honestly, because I love working with Penn. So we’ll see!”

    -Leighton Meester

    Dan and Blair!

  54. DaniRojt Said:

    Chuck and Blair! <3 <3 <3 Forever

  55. RachelAllende Said:

    I’m a HUGE fan of Gossip Girl, I’ve been watching the show since the beginning. Dan and Blair are my favorite characters, always have been. I loved them since 1×04 (one of the best episodes ever!). We have waited for so long, but it was worth it!

    They bring out the best in each other. They are sweet, funny, cute and hot. They are my favorite couple of all time. In fact, Dair is my new Pacey-Joey! My new Seth-Summer!

    Dan and Blair have the most organic and beautifully written and realistic relationship on the show. They have to be endgame! In my mind, they will be together forever.

  56. starangel Said:

    CHUCK N BLAIR <3 dey are meant for each other….!! CHAIR are true love dey look sooo cutee even wen they fight =''') no matter how ups n down dey face dey love each other n are always attracted to each other sooo dey deserve to be together plzzz plzzzzzz bring our CHAIR backkkkkk <3

  57. iamtherockshow Said:

    it isn’t even a choice. of course it should be dan!

  58. cherrycola Said:

    I’m all the more hooked with this series because of Blair and Dan. They look so good together in every way.

  59. xxchaima Said:

    CHUCK and BLAIR ♥

  60. wildhaya Said:

    chuck and blair <3<3
    they are meant for each other :D beside chuck loves her before dan did <3

  61. wildhaya Said:


  62. angelfxybaby Said:

    Chuck and Blair

  63. DaniRojt Said:

    Chuck and Blair

  64. SamyMcz Said:

    Chair! they had have their up and downs, they had fought but still they are there for each other, Dan sor of understimate her, and so do Chuck the difference is, that Chuck dosent say anything if she does something crazy, Dan wants her to be like perfect, What blair did to Dan about 3 ep. ago, she would never do that to Chuck, chuck and her know each other better than anyone, Chuck does bring her the best of her cause she wants to be as perfect as he is for her, and even in their worse moments, Chuck never cheatted on her, Chuck has always loved her, he is no Chuck Bass without her. And after everything, she dosent matter what anyone else could think, is Chuck really needs her, he is always gonna be the first one for her. you can love 2 persons, but you cant be in love with both of them. And they are meant to be together so eventually they will find their way back. CHAIR<3

  65. judyC Said:

    CHUCK !!! He is classy ,elegant ,polish, posh

  66. fairyella Said:

    that’s out of question – CHUCK. they belong together ever since the gossip girl started, they MUST be together. #sparksfly!

  67. GossipLover_98 Said:


  68. angelKhaye Said:


  69. ayahgel Said:

    Chuck and Blair. :) They both go well together. Dan should be with Serena.

  70. Shelby Said:

    Chuck and Blair! I had never heard about gossip girl until Netflix and once I saw them together, I fell in love… Their scenes are so cute even when they are fighting… CHAIR!!

  71. cat Said:

    i absolutely loooovve chuck bass so chair all the way bitches

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