Breakup Alert! Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas Split

BRB, popping some champagne…!

Sources have confirmed to People that Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas have split up after dating each other for two years. Apparently, he thought she was much too needy for his independent (and perhaps a little wild) lifestyle. Granted, if I were dating the prince, It’d be hard not to want to spend every moment with him–I mean, we’ve all seen what he does in his free time. It’s enough to make any girl turn into the jealous and clingy type.

prince harry and cressida bonas breakup


But I can’t even express how happy this news makes me, darlings. First, breakups are my favorite! My cold black heart thrives on other people’s sadness (you know you love me…). And second: this means that Harry is on the market again. My career goal of becoming a true princess can still happen now (this blog is just a hobby…).

Tell me loves, did you see this breakup coming or are you just as shocked (and thrilled) as I am?

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  1. kristin Said:

    well will and kate dated and then i believe broke up a couple of times, and i don’t think harry is ready to marry, but who knows maybe down the road they will get back together and marry

  2. Miguel Mojo Said:

    Who gives a fuck? All the problems that exist in today’s world and this is news? You should all get a life. Fuck them both.

  3. Burna Said:

    Miguel Mojo you do realize that this is a GOSSIPing blog right? I guess the question is what are you doing here anyway

  4. Gail Said:

    She is not the one! Harry needs a composed and loving woman!

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