Did Prince Harry Play a Joke on the Paparazzi?

Paparazzi have been waiting outside St. Mary’s Hospital in London since June for the arrival of Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s first child. The thirsty paps are eager for a glimpse of the Royal family and baby, so when a goofy, red-headed Prince Harry look-a-like appeared at the hospital’s doors bearing gifts and a life-sized teddy bear, the cameras started flashing.


The doppelganger, dressed in garb similar to Prince Harry’s military get-up, waltzed around the hospital’s premises with a wagon full of children’s toys telling passersby, “I cannot wait to be an uncle. I am going to teach that kid so many different skills.”

Keeping the media on their toes, this jokester brought some LOL-worthy entertainment to the royal baby waiting game. Those poor privacy-invading photographers got punked.

Last weekend it was announced that Prince William was competing in a Polo match. People assumed this was a cover to draw the public’s attention away from the birth of the royal baby, but it was ultimately confirmed that Kate was not expecting that weekend.

Do you think Kate will be able to trick us all and manage to sneak past the photogs when she goes into labor, or will we know about it the second it happens?


  1. Sheri Said:

    I Hope they can pull it off and get into the hospital without tons of photogs trying to get pictures or comments.
    This is a very special day for Prince William and Kate and for ONE day they should not have to deal with the press and just enjoy the birth of the baby.

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