Gasp! Prince Harry Parties Naked in Vegas

Spotted: Prince Harry–aka the only ginger I wouldn’t kick out of bed–wearing nothing but a smile during a Las Vegas blowout at his hotel room. I hear his royal hotness was playing a boozy game of strip billiards after recruiting girls from the hotel’s downstairs bar to play along with him.

I also hear that–surprise–the palace is keeping a less-than-stiff upper lip over the whole scandal, and are livid with Harry’s behavior.

Sorry Queen Mum, but I think you’re alone on that…XOXO.

prince harry naked


prince harry naked



  1. huseyinbsy Said:

    i think he is doing the best ! Living as a free man without thinking he is a prince.

  2. paulina87 Said:

    Looks like he had fun :)
    Go Harry x

  3. mariogirl86 Said:

    maybe hes being all free and uncommitted because he knows hes 3rd inline for the crown so his odds of being king are slim by best.

  4. EricaBossLady Said:

    Wow!Is all I can say?I wondering what our lovely Queen is tell Prince Harry right about now. Man, what I wouldn’t do to be a fly on the wall!

  5. Sufia Said:

    Well! Good going..:)

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