Did Prince Harry Hook Up With a Southern Girl?

As they say, darlings, the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. And it looks like Prince Harry is living by that motto. I’ve been hearing whispers that the ginger prince was hitting on a fellow wedding guest while he was in Nashville celebrating the nuptials of his good friend Guy Pelly.

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An insider revealed, “The girl comes from a wealthy family in Tennessee. There was lots of drinking. She stayed overnight. She’s been bragging about it to friends.”

A slumber party so soon after a breakup? Poor Cressida Bonas, having to read such sad news as she deals with the heartbreak Harry has caused her. (Note to self, be sure to email this to Cressi to make sure she sees it…)

If this gossip is true, do you fault Harry for moving on so quickly, or do you wish he would have waited around for you?


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  1. sam Said:

    GG I don’t believe this to be true. For one you said they were drinking, we all know lil Harry has a drinking problem and he loves to party.Then you said that the girl from Tennessee bragged to all her “friends” about this supposedly “hook up”I’d she’s bragging and been drinking it’s not true. I don’t see her face plastered all over magazines with the head lines”I hooked up with Prince Harry” and lastly she’s wealthy, which makes her a spoiled brat. Best chance is daddy took her card away.

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