Day In The Life of Royalty: William & Kate Enjoy Some Twerking

Prince William Kate Middleton Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend Only Connect


It’s hard work being royalty–I would know! I imagine my days on the Upper East Side are very similar to Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s over in England. First on the agenda: getting served breakfast in bed by staff. Check! Next, picking out only the most gorgeous pieces from a closet the size of most single-family homes. Check! Then doing some charity work, blah blah blah. Smiling. Posing for pictures. Check!

Yes, minions, that’s pretty much a day in the life, and for those of you who want proof, cameras have captured some of that while following around the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as they toured London charity Only Connect.

This video might be the closest you’ll ever get to a reality show starring your favorite couple. But even still, I’ll admit it’s not that juicy–EXCEPT at the end when Kate and Wills are treated to a little number by a contemporary dance group called Dance United.

My British spies in attendance said that the performers were twerking all over the place, leaving the royal couple with huge smiles and giggles as they watched.

Couldn’t you just see Will and Kate being so inspired that they race home to the palace and have a twerk-off in their living room? Okay, I couldn’t either, but really, how adorable would they be if they did?! XOXO


  1. Hannah Said:

    Well, twerk twerk twerk twerrrrrk.
    Twerking Royals…
    I saw them twerking. I was with my boyfriend and my husband and a spinach taco pie. Good thing was we all got to sit together and did a foursome. Of course Spinach and I were the best because the whole world considers us sexgods.
    *bows* I am the sexgod!!

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