It’s Official: Prince William is the Cutest Dad Ever

Back in the day, when my family would visit London for weekend getaways on the private jet, I always looked forward to being in the same place as Prince William (then known as my future husband.) Times of course changed — I fell too much in love with the Upper East Side to ever consider moving to be a princess (it was a hard decision, but one I am confident with, of course), and Wills fell in love with Kate Middleton — the only girl in the world I would want him to be with if it can’t be me.

Now the two have an adorable baby boy named George, and William is talking about their adventure with being new parents.

This new video interview is possibly one of the cutest things I’ve seen yet (right up there with the frilly pink designer skirt and jeweled sequin headband I wore to my fifth birthday party…) Anyway, watch the video below and check out the sweet family pics that were recently released. I die


  1. Bri Said:

    I swear, if I had a British accent, I would never stop talking.

  2. David1 Said:

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  3. Van Der Who? Said:

    There is one thing I want to say. The dog is cutter than the baby. Well actually the dog is cute,the baby, NOT! Don’t get me wrong,I love babies and young kids,the only exception is this one. Try again

  4. Rhian Said:

    Being British, I’m completely and utterly proud, George is our future king. A very exciting time in our history. No babies ugly you germ. What a a disgusting thing to say! your obviously a troll with a complex if you have to say such vile things about a baby. Kate’s gorgeous! Xx

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