Princess Kate: Royal Housewife?

She could easily jam-pack her social calendar, but newlywed Kate Middleton–make that Duchess Catherine–has just one thing on her agenda: dote on her hubby William. Sources say the newly-minted royal has just a few engagements on her schedule for the next few months so she can concentrate instead on being an “ordinary military wife” and enjoy some alone time with Wills in their rented cottage near where he’s stationed with the Royal Air Force. What do you make of her less-than-ambitious decision: perfectly adorable or potentially boring?

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  1. Clair Said:

    I’d go with perfectly adorable. They deserve it. After all, it’s been a hectic year for them…

  2. Bekka Said:

    It’s “perfectly adorable”. What else would you rather do when you are super in love with your husband… Who happens to be a… PRINCE! Who cares that she isn’t the new royal party animal or anything like that. Let’s leave that title to Prince Harry. :) haha
    I think the new Duke and Duchess are having a wonderful time together and enjoying every second together.
    They look so in love and so happy. I’m happy for them!

  3. Wes Said:

    total boring!

  4. BloodyMary Said:

    As much as I like her, i have to go with potentially boring

  5. Cate Said:

    Definitely adorable! they are going to build a life together now. Honestly, that’s enough when you alraedy are with the one you love.

  6. L Said:

    perfectly adorable <3

  7. maybobelmont Said:

    Totally adorable, both down to earth, fun loving totally in love and fabulous for the future of Britain

  8. becky Said:

    Disgusting. What a waste uniand private school was if youre gonna be a backwards role model foryoung girls. Whereser ambition gone?! Just coshes married a prince doesnt mean she should takea huge step back fir feminism

  9. aepfelchen Said:

    perfectly adorable. at first it might seem boring to be a housewife and just being there to accompany your husband to his engagements but honestly, i think this will only last for the first 2 years. after she gave birth to the required children (sorry to say it like that but we’re talking monarchy and dynasty here, so giving birth to a follower for the throne is all that she really has to do).. after that time she will do great things. she will achieve a lot. i mean, she studied, she has a bachelor and master degree in art history and i think she has the brains to do great. and even if she doesn’t and just makes appearances for openings of museums or revealing a monument somewhere, she will dress in her classy fashionista way, and that is really all i care about deep down in my heart to be honest. i want to talk about what she wears to several events and how she looks.
    i am super happy for both of them, i wish the duke and duchess all the best and god’s love for a happy marriage with lots of children and most important eternal love and affection for each other because this is really all we need.


  10. Kritterc17 Said:

    Becky: She isn’t taking a step back for feminism. She is doing what she WANTS, how is that not perfectly adorable and wonderfully acceptable? I feel like some feminists don’t care about what women want to do, only what they think they should be doing against the patriarchy. Why can’t we all just appreciate everyone for whatever their life’s ambition or wants may be, even if they may look bad from the standpoint a feminist analysis?

  11. Elphie Said:

    Dear Feminists:
    If you feel the need to be independent woman or w/e then rock on. But don’t go hating on girls that rather be housewives. It’s their decision, not yours!

    As for Kate, I think it is cute, and if it’s what she wants then she should go for it.

  12. Belle Said:

    I hope everyone is aware that Katee Middleton is not allowed to work except for charity work. I think housewife is one of the few things she can do now. In their honeymoon period, I think it is wonderful for the two of them to focus on the two of them.

  13. kiska Said:

    Perfectly adorable!

  14. Beatrice Said:

    perfectly adorable.
    she’s turning this royal family around. they’ve had so many years of mistakes (i mean, like forced marriages, stuff like that) she’s actually taking the time to make this work and just be with him. in a world full of divorce and such, i think it’s important to have that time to just relax and be with each other before the kids come along. plus, it’s not like she needs to work for money. she’ll probably try to help out the family business too. being a housewife nowadays isn’t derogatory towards women, they can be strong and independent. it’s not like she’s his 24/7 maid or anything.

  15. Amanda Said:

    I admire her for it. Just because she’s royalty now doesn’t mean she can’t be a devoted wife. It has been a hectic year for them and royals are just like everyone else. (with a palace tons of responsibility nice clothes and money of course.) The wedding was beautiful and she deserves some downtime.

  16. Em Said:

    Her facial expression is kinda funny in this picture :P

  17. Tammi Said:


  18. J. Said:

    Adorable and her dress, wow gorgeous.
    simply love it.

  19. Zeal Said:

    Just what the doctor ordered, thiaknty you!

  20. Mya Said:

    i believe it is perfectly adorable.
    i admire her courage to stay next to her husband and to care of him and their marriage.
    i appreciate her decision, this is a sign that she really loves prince william and that she wants to have a happy marriage.

    For Backy: It is NOT a step back for feminism, it is her decision, and i think it is a very good decision, because if she wouldn’t decided to stay next to her husband, she could have been away for weeks and they couldn’t see each other(for newlyweds this is practically the end of the marriage) so i admire her decision.

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