WTF Alert: Rachel Bilson Sports Colored Stars on Her Neck

Everyone knows that if you want to see stars in Los Angeles, one of the first places to look is LAX. But my spies got way more than they bargained for yesterday when they ran into actress Rachel Bilson who was sporting a string of colorful stars on her NECK. Definitely not the kind of stars they were expecting to see…


When I first saw these, I immediately screamed, “This can’t be real!” and flashed to Rach and Lil Wayne bonding over their similar tattoos. But then I was luckily able to snap out of my mood when I heard that these things are for a role Rachel is working on.

But if they are in fact faux, why on earth is she choosing to keep them on when she can so easily take them off? I just don’t get people sometimes…

Would you ever go out in public with something like this — like on a dare, I guess? Or is this look just too hideous to be seen wearing?

Rachel Bilson People's Choice 2014 Nominations Press Conference


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  1. thecutest Said:

    Honey, you’re just grasping at straws. She looks like 90% of the general population.

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