New Couple Alert: Rachel McAdams & Jake Gyllenhaal?

You know what they say darlings: Taylor Swift’s trash is another woman’s treasure! I hear that Rachel McAdams is crushing hard on Jake Gyllenhaal and the feeling may be more than mutual.

Rachel McAdams

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

A minion in one of those fly-over states said she spotted RM and JG at dinner in a deux in  Pittsburgh, where they’re filming a boxing movie, Southpaw. But then just this week they were here in Manhattan, looking awfully cozy at an HBO sports party where they watched the Miguel Cotto boxing match.

Gee watching two men beat each other bloody–how romantic! But then again, when your plus one is Jakey, I guess you’d certainly have something pleasant to look at, no? Well, then again, that beard.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

“They arrived together and sat next to each other [and were] “in deep conversation,” dished my witness, adding that they stayed for an hour at the party and “looked happy and very friendly.”

Very interesting! I rather like the idea of these two together–as long as he gets rid of that dreadful facial hair, bleccch. What say you about this potential new pairing, hmm? Will JG find The One in Regina George? Or is this just a show-mance during filming?


  1. Nicole Said:

    I tjink they would make a really cute couple :)


  2. Mariela Said:

    Cute couple! But he would be better without beard~

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