Rebecca Black Covers Rihanna’s “Stay”

When I first heard that Rebecca Black did a cover of Rihanna‘s “Stay,” I covered my ears in anticipation of sheer horror. But my minions assured me that it wasn’t as bad as her nasally YouTube bomb “Friday.” So, I put the volume on real low and watched as the wanna-be star belted it out. And you guys… she’s not that bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not endorsing her for a Grammy, but I wonder if she invested in singing lessons or something. Or perhaps it was just that god-awful song this whole time.

Take a look at the video she did with Dave Days below. Do you want her to stay around for a while or do you think her 15 minutes of fame are way expired?

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  1. blair Said:

    I think her voice is much better than Rihanna’s

  2. Arushi Gupta Said:

    Glad she’s doing covers…her own songs are a complete disaster!
    And I don’t wanna ‘stay’ around. One cover can’t change her reputation.

  3. Kayla Said:

    It takes more than just hitting the notes to makes a song good. What makes Rihanna’s track so powerful is the emotion she puts into her voice. This has no emotion. This is horrible.

  4. mars Said:

    I find it hilarious that people think she wrote Friday. It was a cover everyone. She knew making a god awful song would either make her famous or have everyone talking.

  5. Sensitive Said:

    She’s very good…will only get better if she keeps at it.Best wishes Rebbecca!

  6. zoe Said:

    i guess her voice is ok but the video is horrible and the whole thing seems just flat.
    rihanna at least obviously felt something while singing this song

  7. elle Said:

    Obviously been edited in a studio, hence the ok sound of her voice.

  8. Horstradamus Said:

    You do realize that ALL pop star performances are edited in the studio right? Most have some ability to sing, but it’s their looks and the label marketing department that really sell records. Rebecca Black is no different. Thought the song was pretty well done actually, but still not as good as Rihanna’s version.

  9. Coco Said:

    Her tone or style never changes throughout the whole song. If you took out the lyrics, it would sound basically the same. Obviously there are different chords, but she never changes up her style. It’s so boring, and she still sounds like a kid. She should let RiRi handle this one, and go back to her “own” songs. Or not. Spice it up a bit.

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