LOLz of the Day: Rebel Wilson Shows Off New Dance Moves — Perfect For Prom!

My future BFF Rebel Wilson is making me LOL yet again. This time, she appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s talk show and was asked to make up dance moves on the spot after picking names for them out of a bag. Hilarity ensued when she stood up and gave it all she had. And for those ladies who have prom coming up right around the corner, I’m thinking these could be cute prom moves to break out with your handsome date (hopefully someone with a sense of humor!)

First we have the Mick Jagger Chicken, perfect for when you’re at the punch table:

Next, The I’m Holding Too Much Eye Contact While Thrusting — a lovely one to do with your date, although it may take some coordination:

And finally, The I Feel Like Someone’s Behind Me, which would be a fun one to do with your girlfriends:

Are you excited about prom? What’s your biggest expectation about the night (besides the dancing, of course!)?

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  1. Erin Said:

    Tots my new living room dance!

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