Recap: Season 6, Episode 1 “Gone Maybe Gone”

Gone Maybe GoneWe last left off with Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) reuniting in Monte Carlo at a casino. Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) — after a huge fight with Blair — left town, got on a train and turned to drugs again. And Bart Bass (Robert John Burke) returned from the dead, encouraging Lily (Kelly Rutherford) to leave Rufus (Matt Settle) for him.

In Season 6, Episode 1 “Gone Maybe Gone,” we open with Chuck and Blair hooking up in a hotel room in Monte Carlo. Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and Georgina Sparks (Michelle Trachtenberg) are in Italy. Georgina has taken it upon herself to plan an attack of revenge for Dan on Serena by making him write an exposé, using real names this time. Speaking of S, we flash to her on the train with a bloody nose.

The summer is over and Bart and Lily come back from vacation looking happy and relaxed. Lily sees a bunch of mail and wonders why Serena hasn’t kept the apartment up or responded to her texts this whole time. The bellhop says he hasn’t seen S all summer.

Meanwhile, we meet a new character Sage (Sofia Black-D’Elia), who enters Nate’s office and asks him for an interview for a school paper about The Spectator.

Back in Paris, Blair has herself a cute little French guy who insists on booking a plane ticket for her when she finds out Serena is missing. Blair calls Dan to tell him about Serena but he refuses to answer. Georgina answers instead, and once she finds out that S is missing, she has a new mission for Dan’s book: to find her before anyone else does. They head back to NYC to check the Hudson State Mental Hospital, which Georgina insists she is probably at.

Lily goes to Rufus’ to see if Serena is there and sees Ivy Dickens (Kaylee DeFer) who has been staying with him. After Lily gets upset and leaves, we see Ivy calling Lola and leaving a message saying that she’s doing some pretty good acting with Rufus, who is easy to manipulate.

Back at Serena’s apartment, Blair, Chuck, and Nate are going through all of her things to try to find clues. Blair and Chuck convince Nate to use his Gossip Girl card to try and get info on Serena. He sends a video of Gossip girl and says he’ll put it public if she doesn’t help. She finally gives Nate an address and the gang is off to find S. But Georgina and Dan happen to see Chuck’s limo on their road trip and follow them. They all end up at a beautiful house which appears to be hosting a wedding. All the guests are calling Serena “Sabrina” and they meet her new beau Steven Spence (Barry Watson), an older successful man who begins to announce that Serena is the love of his life…. Blair, thinking Serena is about to marry him, stops the speech and outs S. But, it turns out that Serena was just the maid of honor and the wedding is really for two men. Blair apologizes to Serena, but it doesn’t work and S dumps her.

On the way home, Chuck and Blair are riding in his limo and he says how big of a distraction she is to him which is why they can’t be together right now. He needs to prove a point to his father. She looks at the engagement ring, which is on a chain around her neck, and he says it won’t be much longer until they’re together again.

Back on the Upper East Side, Chuck has brought back a girl he met in Dubai who was Bart’s translator. She and Bart are talking privately when he tells her he’ll pay her to get out of town and keep her mouth shut a large sum of money: $10 million. She takes it and goes back to Chuck showing him the money, saying she doesn’t know what his secret is, but with that much money, she’s willing to stick around to find out.

Ivy starts hitting on Rufus. Then she kisses him, saying Lily doesn’t deserve him, she’s not a kid, and he’s not married. Dan comes home and finds the two of them hooking up. OMFG!

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  1. esLGG Said:

    this episode was amazing!!!!!!!!! :) i love it!!!! but why did serena dumps blair?!?! and it’s amazing that blair has the engagement ring around her neck!!!! the whole episode is ver interesting!!!! and very nice!!!! xo

  2. SarahEmso Said:

    i love it! The episode was amazing! I wish there would be more seasons :(

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  4. Mimmi Said:

    I’m watching Gossip Girl of course. I’m at that season and i can’t belive that Serena van der woodsen ran away and didn’t say a word to anyone.. SERENA STYLE MAYBE?..

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