Hot Mess: Top Model Alum Renee Alway Shaves Her Head Before Court Date

Looks like America’s Next Top Model alum Renee Alway is taking hair inspiration from Britney Spears… from that time we don’t like to talk about.

I spied the beauty-gone-bust showing up to court with a shaved head to face the judge about her burglary case. Apparently she wanted to show everyone that she was a changed woman, and you know, if your hairstyle is different, they’ll totes believe it. Although, doesn’t it seem a little counter-intuitive to go with a new ‘do that screams “thug,” especially when paired with jail duds? Just my thoughts.

Do you think Renee is a changed person now that her locks are gone, or is she just more scary than ever? Tell me your thoughts in a comment below!

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  1. Stephanie Said:

    Omg!! You would think being one of Americas Next Top model she wouldn’t need to go robbing people! And now she looks like she belongs in jail with that shaved head! Looks like she is ready for some dike lovin!

  2. Sarah Said:

    I feel sorry for her daughter. She bragged so much on the show of how she’s doing it for her little girl and now look..

  3. Rogue Said:

    Maybe she shaved her head due to drugs in her system.

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