Love or Loathe: Rihanna’s Blue Lipstick

Once upon a time I was a lip gloss devotee and shunned lipstick. But my icy little heart has softened and now j’adore┬áslicking on a matte red Chanel or fuchsia pink Nars creation.

But I’m not sure that even I would attempt to recreate Rihanna’s latest lip look:

rihanna blue lipstick


I spied her at the launch for her new perfume, Rogue, and I actually don’t hate this look but I’m not over the moon for it either.

Would you rock this look yourself or can only RiRi pull this off? Or does she just look like she’s had one Slurpee too many?

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  1. Alexis Said:

    Gurl, i am bein seriouz here i would nev fizzle wit dis dizzle! she look like she juz licked up the dog on blue’s clues for 3 year olds mayb she prego hittin wit dee old man. when i was a lil gurl i didnt get makeup so i put on green lipstick den i realize dat hell dis look juz dam crazy so i started puttin on good makeup den later on i see RiRi and i am like whoa my lips look like her cuz gurl now everydayni swear i wish i didnt put on dat kinda lipstick she not pullin it off.

  2. Makamae Said:

    she looks like she is going to turn into a smurf.

  3. Danielle Said:

    ummm, ke$ha much? pretty sure she set that trend a few years ago, and i’ve been painting my lips blue ever since. I like it, but it’s totally not a new concept. I think it does however go well with Riri’s skin tone.

  4. mariapia Said:

    bellissima xoxo gossipgorl

  5. Chloe Said:

    Rihanna can work anything

  6. Ida Said:

    Alexis, I agree with you but damn girl you need to learn how to spell.

  7. melissa Said:

    I think it looks cool and its unique…some looks just suit certain people tho..but I like it on her at least she’s not dull and boring!!

  8. Kimk Said:

    Did chris brown hit her again?

  9. Kimmre Said:

    The lipstick looks like kaoir cosmetics they have several shades of blue.

  10. Nes Said:

    It’s pretty, but it’d be prettier with some blue-ish eyeshadow or a light colored eyeliner (think silver or white).

    BTW, I was rocking the blue lipstick back in ’98…

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