Gasp! Rihanna and Chris Brown’s VMA Kiss

Spotted: One of my minions saw Chris Brown planting a big kiss on ex Rihanna after she won Worst Choice in Boyfriends Video of the Year for “We Found Love.” Are these two about to spill the worst kept secret in Hollywood–that they never really quit each other completely? Or was this merely a wet, slobbery gesture of good will?

rihanna chris brown kiss at the vmas



  1. evaanddany Said:

    W a pitty …..

  2. psychokiller Said:

    Whatever kind of kiss it was, who would forgive someone who hurt them physically that fast? Masochistic.

  3. ggada Said:


  4. LenaBlak Said:

    Yeah well… She’s into that, I gues…
    “Sticks and stones may break her bones, but chains and whips excite her”

  5. ShakeThatBass Said:

    I hope she has fun.

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