Hot Mess: Rihanna Got a Mullet!

In a tragic tale of hairstyle experiments gone wrong, Rihanna decided it would be fun to sport the gag-worthy mullet, which is usually only reserved for Southern gentlemen seen at NASCAR events. Spoiler Alert: It was NOT fun. And she looked like this:







Apparently RiRi wanted to convey to us that she was business in the front, party in the back. Ew.

I’m shocked but not totally surprised by this recent development. The “Diamonds” singer has been sporting some majorly disappointing outfits lately, so it was only a matter of time that she horrify us all with a majorly disappointing haircut, too.

I can’t decide whose cut is worse: Rihanna’s or Miley’s? Help me decide, loves! Let’s do what we do best–judge!–in a comment below. XOXO


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  1. Kelly Gervasini Said:

    She used to be so fashion forward in her “good girl gone bad” days. I miss it.

  2. Rikki Said:

    I think RiRi looks gorgeous in her new haircut, and Miley is also beautiful! Why shouldn’t famous girls get to have short hair? I love their new hairstyles :-)

  3. Regina Said:

    It’s not that they can’t have short hair but how they cut it i think both miley and ri’s are awfull why can’t rihanna stick to the hair se had in the grammys that was beautiful

  4. Char Said:

    She’s a mess :| feel sorry for her.

  5. dailydetention Said:

    Rihanna’s. Hands down. Pfft. Mullet is NEVER acceptable as a hairstyle. EVER. Mullet should burn in hell.

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