Why Was Rihanna Kicked Out of a Mosque?

Everywhere she goes, velvet ropes part for little miss Rihanna–until today. I hear that RiRi was “asked to leave” a mosque in Abu Dhabi after her impromptu Instagram photoshoot didn’t go over very well with the staff at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.



While RiRi was covering her head per Muslim custom, they still felt her snapshots were inapprops to such a holy site.

This make me chuckle a little–Rihanna posts butt selfies (belfies, learn the word) all day long, but when she covers herself from head to toe, that’s when people are suddenly up in arms. Ironic, isn’t it?

Do you think RiRi was wrong to use a religious site for her own private photo op? Or can you be respectful and snap-happy?


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  1. BLUE SKY Said:

    its a sacred spiritual respectful place,people go there to pray,its not for selfies or any of those dumb poses…doesn’t she have any dignity or respect!!

  2. Y Said:

    there is nothing wrong with what she did!! Why are they so close minded? That’s why people don’t like going to countries like that. Why can’t she take a few photos? Its not like she’s doing anything to be disrespectful to them. Isn’t it a public tourist place?

  3. BrooklynRefugee Said:

    It is a cultural thing, standards differ. I am sure she was asked respectfully. No need for any snark Gossip Girl.

  4. Marie Said:

    I’m sorry.. People “DON’T LIKE going to countries like that”?? And the people who are close minded are the people who thought an instagram photo-shoot at a mosque was inappropriate? … are you serious??

  5. Ella Said:

    The thing we have to realize is, if we’re going to a religious site, we need to be respectful of their customs. She did not ask if she could have a photo shoot there, and yes, it IS a tourism place. One picture or two is fine. But actually sitting there, having a photoshoot in a modest prayer site, it’s completely disrespectful. Whether you love her or not, you have to be open minded enough to realize her actions were wrong. Captioning pictures “bitxh stole my look” isn’t too respectful either.

  6. Ellen Said:

    In Islam, ESPECIALLY when you’re in a mosque, exposure/flaunting of the body is prohibited. So her making inappropriate faces, sticking her bum out, etc was completely disrespectful. Think of it from a perspective of your own religion. Islam is VERY welcoming and tolerant- but as long as you also make an effort to respect the religion as well. She could have prayed modestly if she was that concerned to appeal to the Muslim population. Being inappropriate was not the way to go at all.

  7. Lola Said:

    lol… but i think RiRi looks kinda nice in her Muslim custom

  8. rhiannon Said:

    Well of course she’s going to get kicked out. It’s a sacred and holy place for worship; not somewhere to take photos. The fact that she would take photos at all is crazy. It doesn’t matter what the nature of the photo is, it’s the fact that she would do that somewhere like that. smh…

  9. Miriam Said:

    No It was not okay for her to take poses in front of a Mosque, it is a Holy place for Muslims to PRAY not for a photo shoot, one photo okay but poses laying on the ground and flaunting herself around not okay! especially not okay saying ” Those B*** stole my look” when they are dressed for prayer, definitely not okay. as a Muslim I am offended, A Muslim wouldn’t go to someones’s church and pose in the confessional for a shot, or hey maybe even throw your leg up on the cross! it’s not okay!

  10. Shumay Said:

    A mosque is like a church to the Muslims. I don’t think anybody would respect a photo shoot going on in the church aswell. Although, I don’t think she did anything wrong. She was covered up and did not show any kind of vulgarity in her photoshoot. I think she might be causing a distraction to the religious practices going on. Imagine somebody shouting aloud in the mall? People will stare right? There you go. Hope I got my point across.

  11. Rihanna Said:

    I look damn ass nice, girlfriend!

  12. holly Said:

    I don’t think people call churches tourist attractions either, so mosques, temples and monasteries have that same implication and therefore are not tourist attractions. When visiting places of such spiritual purpose, you would go for the cultural experience, yes, but their main purpose are as religious site for everyday people to pray in. People get kicked out for doing photoshoots in the Taj Mahal too, it’s just respecting their culture, the same way you would expect them to respect yours

  13. Wiam Said:

    For muslims, a praymosque is more than just sacred, it’s highly respected any muslim. I,actually, was a bit hurt when i saw rihanna posing in front of the mosque.but after reading this i am relieved. Please understand and respect our culture and religion :)

  14. Zonish Said:

    This is very disrespectful of her. A mosque is a sacred place for Muslims. It is not allowed in Islam to act so freely in a Mosque. There are certain rules and regulations that cannot be broken. For such acts, actions are a must for everyone !!

  15. Nashwa Said:

    She was definitely wrong. A lot of tourists visit sh. Zayed mosque but there a clear line between what’s right and wrong, between decency and provocative. Even though she was dressed from head to toe, her poses and overall look was in appropriate for a mosque or any other holy place. The point is not in covering up, a lot of people uncovered takes pictures in front of mosques,temples, churches…etc, but they look decent and not odd like that!

  16. MM Said:

    it is a sacral object in use, not her bathroom

  17. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:


  18. Alanoud Said:

    THIS IS A MOSQUE its a place when we can be close to god!!! we would never do something like that in a church!.. show some respect to other religions rihanna!

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