Love or Loathe: Rihanna’s Short, Curly ‘Do

Rihanna is showing off her summer cut, and whether you like it or not, you have to admit it’s better than the gray hair she was seen sporting recently…

The “Diamonds” singer debuted her new ‘do yesterday, showing off the short length and soft curls on a shopping trip in LA. She also posted pics of the sassy style on her Twitter account. “Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some

What do you think darlings? Does her new style make you want to chop all your locks off to beat the heat, or would you rather just throw your hair in a chic ponytail to stay cool? Sound off in a comment below!





  1. Ope Said:

    If she was going for a 90’s, I’m innocent look…then yes this do works for her. But I’m so used to her being so outspoken from her words to her fashion choice, that this do reads as dull to me. I can see her rocking this look when she’s home, but not outside or even while performing.

    Thank God for weaves, clip-ons etc. she can change her look as often as she pleases without regretting it.

  2. Abby Said:

    Who knows what other terrible mistakes shes made? a shaved and deformed llama wearing a party hat looks better than that. xoxo

  3. ncamie55 Said:

    i think Rihanna is cute in every hairstyle actually i like her very cnt wait to her to come in SA bigup Ri…….

  4. Christine Said:

    Well, I´m not going to lie. I loved her hair when she had that sexy caramel colour on her hair, and it was rough and curly. Now it does not look good at all. She look´s like a mother from the 80´s.

  5. Ava Said:

    Why is she copying Michael Jackson’s 80/90s do? Don’t get it.

  6. Sarah Rodgers Said:

    I jusst love like i love my clothes and putting red lipstick on my her look more BEAUTIFUL.

  7. Sara Hart Said:

    I rather put my hair in a pony tail then to chop off all my hair! Why would I do that to a lovely gift? Ugh! I can’t even think about having short hair! Why would she cut off all her hair? Rihanna, you are a talented girl but please pick a hair choice and color and stick with it! I loved the red! Now, its brown and black, half of it is gone, cutting, trimming! It’s extremely annoying! Hair is a gift! So treat it like that! Ugh! xoxo

  8. cindy Said:

    ugghhh why not stick with the red!? that hairstyle is proof that you have to be bored alot….. and clearly you have run out of ideas try going bald xoxo ;)

  9. listen people Said:

    I think this look really evens her out. She has
    rather harsh features, and the curls make her
    look pretty and sweet.

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