Hot Mess: Rihanna’s Super Short Hair

Rihanna has experimented with her fair share of looks, ranging from Caribbean Cutie to Edgy Tribal-Print Sexpot, but now it seems she’s settled on the worst one yet: Girl on the Run From The Law Who Cut Off Her Hair in a Gas Station Bathroom.

I spied her sporting a boyish haircut. Tragic. I wish someone would explain to RiRi that constant reinvention–and hair abuse–won’t make us love her any more than we already do. XOXO.




  1. ggada Said:

    why do they have to cut their hair??so annoying..♥

  2. psychokiller Said:

    It’s terrible!

  3. relinaxodanaxoxo Said:

    it’s not good for her at all , can’t she see it

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