Rihanna Shows Up Late To Her Show And Gets Booed–AGAIN

Shocker. Rihanna turned up an hour late to her own show in Australia and was met with a chorus of boos from irate fans who’d been waiting in vain for Miss RiRi to grace them with her presence.

@rihanna thanks for a disappointing show last night..as if #Adelaide doesnt suck enough already #igotdressedforthat #late,” tweeted one angry audience member.



Apparently RiRi didn’t give any sort of explanation or apology for her now routine behavior, and I don’t blame her (former) fans for being furious, do you?

Does this make you think twice about snapping up tickets to see Rihanna when she comes to your hometown? Or is she worth the wait?

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  1. xoxo Said:

    I was in the mosh pit in that Adelaide concert. People were beyond furious! Her performance, however, was amazing, and she did make up for the lost time in the end.

  2. Shereen Said:

    She did the same thing in Macau. Was 2 hours later and no explanation or apology. Her performance was terrible and she was lip syncing. No outfit changes and was so into herself.

  3. tana Said:

    ugh this is why i cant stand her anymore… so into herself the things she does ugh

  4. Nabela Said:

    No way am I buying tickets to see her perform, I love her music but I detest waiting for anybody!!!

  5. Leeann Said:

    She done the same thing 2 years ago in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Butthe concert was amazing still played the whole show.

  6. Maisie Said:

    I live in Winnipeg, Canada and she was 3 hours late for our show! She didn’t even come on til just before midnight. The poor younger fans had to leave because it was so late. She apologized but still, that’s so disrespectful to her fans. I love her but that made me think differently of her.

  7. Mary Said:

    Naaah. won’t watch Rihanna at live performance anymore. She went here in Manila waaaay back with Chris Brown. There was like 70,000 people then. It’s nice to listen to her music but I felt like it was a waste of time and money to watch her live. No wow factor. Or it’s just me.

  8. Cassie Said:

    I went to RIRI’s concert tonight in Brisbane and after hearing of what she did in Perth and Adelaide I was anxious as to what expect. But god I’m glad I went to it! The support act didn’t start till 30 mins after they were supposed so she was pushed back 30 mins but I didn’t mind at all because she was amazing! She interacted with the crowd and she even hoped off the stage to quickly meet fans. Would definitely pay to see her again!

  9. Lena Said:

    Yeah, she did the same thing at Roskilde festival in Denmark.

    The entire program had to be moved half an hour because of her and all she did was lipsync and booty-shake.

    She’s teh worst live artist I’ve ever seen.

  10. Sofie Said:

    I was at JB concert, and he was 1 hour late and he didnt get booed of course but still on fair!
    Love Sofie

  11. sana Said:

    Filipino fans spent a fortune to wait for her for 2 hrs.

  12. Flick Said:

    F off with bagging Adelaide. People paid good money for wot. For her to be off her face and can’t perform. Boo to u riri. Bring on the real acts

  13. Reynaldo Said:

    she has come late but its fine ;)

  14. Alana Said:

    She was actually 90 mins late, two of my friends went and were so disappointed.
    Bad lip syncing and her only dance move was to grab her area down below :/
    They spoke to security as they were leaving and they said she fell out the bus as she was that drunk.
    Ive loved her for years, so sad to hear her shows have gone so down hill.

  15. ~ Little J Said:

    That bitch

  16. Dan Said:

    Um wow.. That is not okay.. I would never go to an event of hers after that, what a stupid b**ch

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