Was Rihanna Wasted?! Watch Her Stumble At the Kings of Leon Concert

Rihanna might not have been having the best time in Poland (watch her rant about her beach experience here!), but she declared she was having the best night of her life over the weekend at a Kings of Leon concert, tweeting: “Easily the best night of our lives! To the Kings, we love you for life! Thank you always! #KingsOfLeon #KOL.”

But perhaps her high spirits were the result of another kind of spirit because my spies caught her stumbling while being escorted out of the venue. Take a look at her totally ungraceful exit below:

Do you think RiRi is under the influence of a good concert… or something else? Tell me in a comment! XOXO


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  1. D Said:

    Obviously she was under the influence of a good concert! LOOOOOOOOL

  2. Ellen Said:

    was that at Rock Werchter in Belgium? because I was there and it looks a lot like the Main Stage ;)

  3. DDay Said:

    Nope, she wasn’t drunk! She had high heels on and was walking on sand. I was there, it was Heineken Open’er Festival in Gdynia on 6th July, the night before her concert there she went and enjoyed a few concerts, like Miguel and Kings Of Leon.

  4. shanda Said:

    yeah so ummmm she was crazy. wtfreak happened to her did she loose her mind?

  5. clementine Said:

    Really!!!, this girl is going from bad to worse. What’ going on with these beautiful women, that cannot handle fame, money and like to make fools of themselves. Are these the idols our girls have to look up to? Just saying, the majority of their record revenue come from teen age girls, what a pitty Rihanna…..she was not just drunk it looks like she was getting blasted at a pre concert party “Hollywood”style from which she could not Recover in time for whatever she was there to do. Shame, shame

  6. Kay Said:

    Someone says “she’s a wreck” in the video, I believe?

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